It’s been awhile since my last blog. My own personal war has raged on, and I haven’t felt like I had much to contribute in the way of enlightenment, help, or Truth. I’ve been searching for those things myself, and now that our tumultuous election is over, my instinct tells me that these three ideas will be paramount during the next four years.

I’m not political. Truth be told, I have always felt like a visitor in this world. My focus is more in spirit, in the inner life we lead, and in what exists beyond our mortal experiences. Because of this, I won’t analyze the election in a political capacity, but I can analyze it in terms of recovery. In doing so, I have seen more than a small glimmer of hope. (And as any fan of The Lord of the Rings knows – hope is often the difference between an end and a beginning.)

  1. No recovery can begin until we first honestly feel our emotions – the joy and the hate. Our election has certainly done this. Never before have I witnessed so many people owning their own opinions, feelings, and views. People openly poured out how they felt and, even though sometimes the opinion was horrific for others to hear, the emotion on all sides was real. The hate was real. The love was real. The sadness and fear was real, but the hope was real, too. I feel like it’s been a long time since we were this real.
  2. Once we feel our emotions, we have to identify and own them. Again, I saw this during the election, and I hope we’ll see it even more in the next four years. The masks were dropped. People’s true colors were revealed, and while some of the colors were alarming, I’m happy to report that more than once I saw or heard people deal with another person’s viewpoint with intelligence and respect. I was amazed at how many Facebook posts revealed friends suddenly divided, but I was equally floored to read so many responses of “we disagree, but you’re a good person and I love you.” We must continue to own that which we feel, openly share it, and hear others in equal measure.
  3. We’ve felt the emotion, identified it, and owned it. What now?

This is the amazing part: we decide how to grow from it.

I’ve loved hearing the speeches, messages, and words of hope that have drowned the blood-bashing of the last several months. Yes, I am worried about the education system. Yes, I am worried about relations with foreign countries. Yes, I am worried for minorities and women and immigrants.  Yes, the words “nuclear weapons” chill me to my core.

But there’s much that fills me with excitement.

I’m excited to hear so many women arm themselves with historically-rich, beautifully-crafted words of empowerment. We have moved our place from underneath a husband to a presidential election, whether we won it or not. We may have stumbled in the dance, but it wasn’t on the hem of our party dresses, ladies. We may be facing new horrors, but we are new warriors.

I’m excited to hear minorities recognize their rights without any hesitation and with a natural-born conviction that would make all those who have passed before them – all those who lived and suffered death in order that future generations could take ownership of those unalienable rights – cry out in joy. You have done your lineage proud. Do not flee or arm yourselves with violence but with a New Dream. Dream for all of us.

I’m excited that so many people have looked pass the surface meaning of Trump’s win to recognize the deeper cry of America: we need changes on a fundamental level.  We can no longer continue to bandage, duct tape, and mask flaws in our system. Americans want change. Apparently we want it so badly that we elected a businessman rather than a politician. Hear our vote. Learn from our vote.

Lastly, I’m excited about Americans as individuals. Every single person with whom I’ve come in contact – at the end of their conversation – has taken a deep breath, honored where we as a nation are, and spoken words of “let’s wait and see.” They have also turned to a higher power, to an unfailing, guttural instinct that despite our faulty steps, God and the universe has our back.

In terms of recovery, this is a victory indeed.