Yup. I know. You’re probably thinking – lady, you need to proofread better before you hit publish – but my title is exactly right and my blog is short today. My revelation doesn’t require a page-long expounding.

There are two types of unhappiness: one which stems from the unpleasantness of the outside world and the other from the unpleasantness of ourselves. The first – kindly give back to the people or situation who produced it. That unhappiness doesn’t originate with you. It does not belong to you. Do not become trapped in its web. You cannot hope to change it by any other way except changing yourself.

The other – the unpleasantness of ourselves – should always be a comfort to recognize. This we can own. This we always have complete control over to change. It is hard work but not impossible. Recognize it, let go of the guilt and shame, and change it. Become happy and in doing so, create a positive energy that will ultimately change the energy of the  world.