I would love to spend all of my time doing yoga and meditating – those journeys inward – but realistically, we must temper our inner journey with remaining connected to this increasingly crazy outer world, if for no other reason than we must be aware of what influences us and what we, ourselves, influence in return.  For those in recovery (and those souls who are just wise), we examine these influences daily.

McWane Science Center Birmingham, Alabama http://www.mcwane.org

Life is about balance, and this last week became the act of  maintaining my yoga practice with the end of the first school quarter looming (deadlines of make-up work and grades) and a daunting McWane Science Center field trip scheduled (turned out brilliantly despite a few hiccups).  I also mindfully spent time studying and reading to further my recovery and mediating to try and balance my compassion towards others with compassion for myself. Exhausted but not unhappy,  I sank down onto my comfortable couch yesterday and realized that I hadn’t posted a blog all week.

And then I realized -in a bit of a panic – I had no real epiphanies of my own to share. Everything I could share about this last week came from reading other people’s words. Now I can string a sentence together and sometimes, the sentence even comes out beautifully, but why bother when others say it better?

Below you’ll find the top quotes that carried me through this last week and what aspect of my recovery they aided.  I list these quotes first, in gratitude to those who wrote them and second, in the hope that others find inspiration, comfort, direction, and vehicles for change in them.  And if you have someone else’s words rolling around in your head – inspiring you – please leave them in the comment section!

Melody Beattie The Language of Letting Go: [helped with any momentary slips in recovery]letting-go

“Our process is our own, and we will discover our truths at the right time, when we are ready, when the learning experience is complete. The most growth-producing concept we can develop for ourselves and others is to allow ourselves to have our own process.”

Sableyes (WordPress Blog) “Look up the road”: [focused on where I want to go, not where I’ve been]

sableyes“On a motorcycle you ride in the direction you are looking in. Look around a corner, you ride around a corner, look at a tree, you ride at the tree. Good analogy for life.”

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton The Biology of Belief: [remember to train my mind to follow my spirit]biology-of-belief

“The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”

a-return-to-loveMarianne Williamson A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of  “A Course of Miracles”: [embrace the hurt – it leads to progress]

“It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self discovery, rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.

Melody Beattie Beyond Codependency: [thanking God for the hardships of my life for they are my Divine lessons]

“Deprived, negative thinking can prevent us from seeing what’s good in our lives today, beyond-codependencyand it can stop the good stuff from happening. It hurts to be deprived [of love, kindness, a childhood, safety, or anything else we feel we are without]. It hurts to walk through life believing there’s not enough. It’s painful to believe we’re undeserving. So, stop. Now. You can fill in the blanks with “there’s enough” and “I deserve.” There’s enough for you. There’s enough for the person next door too…Deprived thinking turns good things into less or nothing. Grateful thinking turns things into more.”

May we all be grateful for our next breath.